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Thursday, 14 April 2011


1.5 is on the horizon and I must say I'm pretty damn excited about finally getting some natural ice. I've been building things out of ice for a while now, but I've always missed the realism of being able to freeze ice out of water. I can lava-mold and make some cool obsidian things, but no ice-molding so far. Until 1.5.

The rain looks pretty good too. My only gripe might be the sound. I can't tell if it might get annoying after a while. We'll see. But between powered rails and wonderful thunderstorms, 1.5 is personally a very exciting release. Can't wait!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Proverbial First Post

So here goes my entry into the blogosphere. Not much to say really. I'm a Canadian programmer currently attending university, working towards my Bachelor Of Computer Science. As the name implies, I love minecraft. But I don't just play, I also do some modding. My custom server build has various commands for things like teleporting, toggling invincibility and monster spawn without restart, and spawning items based on names instead of just IDs (yeah I'm lazy :P). So hopefully I'll be able to turn that modding prowess into something really productive once Notch completes the modding system and incorporates it into the game. Until then, I'm stuck with bulky decompiling and deobscuring, which is really annoying but I understand the reasons behind it. So keep an eye out for some awesome mods!